won’t back down

flyerGroup show my friend Gavin Hignight is holding at Artwalk Lounge in LA.  I have one painting in this.

“A Group Show on March 14th celebrating the themes and the world of the new novel The Freak Table, by Gavin Hignight. This show will feature “record sleeve” art from various artists who will exhibit their take on classic punk or post punk album covers. In addition to these album cover renditions, the artworks will also show a range of themes and motifs directly from the novel, The Freak Table.

Featuring Art from: Michael Coleman, gea*, Jenny Moore, Crystal Rosa, Eric Staniford, Phil R Harris, Stephon Romio, Sally Watts,Douglas Seaton, Joshua Dearing, Jenn Muzquiz, Joe Rubenstein, Mana Alison, Serpenthes, Ben Koppin, Qathryn Brehm, Hal Hefner, Stephanie Varela, Joe Mac,Treiops Treyfid, Cig Neutron,Rannie Rodil, Timmar Jones, Lili Chin, “The Reverend” Steve Hernandez, Spencer Cross, Opee Patzkowsky, David Alexander Willis & Gavin Hignight.”