All Pics Must Die

1000855_498706153531971_1344500098_nI’m in this book!! If you are a Death in June fan you probably already guessed what the theme of the book is and are marveled by all the artists featured. If you are not a DiJ fan than you should buy this anyway because my picture is very cute?!?!? I think that is a good enough reason.

Published by Timeless – June 2013 – France

30 x 40 cm – 32 pages in brown and white – soft cover, limited to 250 copies

Project initiated by Riton La Mort as a graphic tribute to neofolk band Death In June. 17 young artists from all around the world invited to represent what the band inspire them, including:  Ania Goszczynska, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Valnoir, Dewey Guyen, Jurictus, Riton La Mort, Mathias Schech, Tomasz Bardamu, Gea, Goupil Acneique, Nikolay Saveliev, Zadrien Coquart, Fortifem, Craoman, Victor Dvnkel, Mathieu Desjardin and  Manoly.