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estrellita mía #9


March brings the ninth installment of Chilean based “Estrellita Mía” zine.  This all femme artist special issue features:  art, Illustration, comic, collage, photography, pop music, interview, poetry and short fiction.  Also full color cover art by yours truly.

15,5 x 21,5 cms. aprox.
52 pages
4 Color/Black and white
Full color cover + centerfold

contributors: Danae Paulpan, Marle Yahira,Senoritaugarte, Irina la Loca, Valeria Miranda, Analaura Nuñez, Nicole Reiss, Rae del Cerro, GEA*, Sumiko Muray, Verena Urrutia, Sofia Oportot, Aurora Muñoz, Rapaza, Anuk, Tania Teje, Muriel Gallardo, Catalina Garretón, Gabriela Rivera, Zaida González, Valeria Merino, Oscura Escencia, Catalina Rozas, Illaria Novelli, Nicol Caro, Plus Gazfel.

get your copy here:

estrellita mía ‘zine

estrellita mia

Estrellita Mía is a Chilean based ‘zine featuring:  art, illustration, collage, photography, music, poetry & short fiction

I have a drawing in issue Número 2, Agosto, 2016 (the second issue).

15.5 x 21.5 cm

28 pages
Black and white
Edited by Leonardo Casas

You can pick up a copy here:  CLICK ME!

For more information on the Estrellita Mía collective:  GO HERE!


natbrutC U R A T I O N  –  I S S U E  5  –  Early Edition Vol. 3 – Curated by Kayla E. and Bill Kartalopoulos

“Early Edition is not quite the comics section or the art section of  Nat. Brut – it’s something in the middle. Comics are meant to be “read” visually. This applies to each of the pieces we cull for Early Edition, whether it’s a collage, an image paired with text, a drawing with an underlying narrative, or a picture postcard…”


I have a drawing featured in this online magazine.  Click on the link to see other contributors:


All Pics Must Die

1000855_498706153531971_1344500098_nI’m in this book!! If you are a Death in June fan you probably already guessed what the theme of the book is and are marveled by all the artists featured. If you are not a DiJ fan than you should buy this anyway because my picture is very cute?!?!? I think that is a good enough reason.

Published by Timeless – June 2013 – France

30 x 40 cm – 32 pages in brown and white – soft cover, limited to 250 copies

Project initiated by Riton La Mort as a graphic tribute to neofolk band Death In June. 17 young artists from all around the world invited to represent what the band inspire them, including:  Ania Goszczynska, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Valnoir, Dewey Guyen, Jurictus, Riton La Mort, Mathias Schech, Tomasz Bardamu, Gea, Goupil Acneique, Nikolay Saveliev, Zadrien Coquart, Fortifem, Craoman, Victor Dvnkel, Mathieu Desjardin and  Manoly.